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What is Sneaks4Feet

Sneaks is a new local NONPROFIT Organization that helps the unforchanit children in need of sneakers.  True Fact: The Coach from our local school, West Hills, during open house, said that kids are coming to PE with flats, dockers, hard sole shoes, but they are requesting athletic sneakers only.  Some families just can't afford that pair of Sneakers that cost $50, $60, or even $85.00.  So with our new, this is a brand new program, we collect your electronic waste, unwanted items and turn them into a pair of sneakers for a child in need.  We are located in West Hills and have spoke to the few local PE teachers and they love the idea. 

This is how our program works:

For every 10 Televisions, Computers, Laptops, or LCD we collect to recycle through the State of California, we purchase and donate a pair of sneakers. We will contact the local school of the collection event or Curb Side clean up event to donate the sneakers. We have only started this organization in August 2019, so it's very new.  We do not accept any cash donations, just your electronic waste.  If you know a child in need, please email us at, and we will keep you posted for your location.