Free Ewaste Pick up of 20 or more items.*

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Our Free Roadside Electronic Waste Removal Program is from local residential areas. If there is a flyer placed on your mailbox with a date and time from electronic roadside removal, please see the date and time from your area.  Please your unwanted electronic waste at your driveway or garage door and we will remove the products from free.  We accept the following.

1. Televisions

2. Plasma TVs

3. Flat Screens

4. Computers

5. Laptops

6. Cell Phones

7. Printers

8. LCD Screens

9. Servers

10. All computer related electronic. 

We DO NOT accept the following.

1. Batteries

2. Light Bulbs

3. Oils/Paints

4. Kitchen Electronics

If the date and time does not work for you, or if the items are too heavy to left, please call or text and we will make arrangements for you. 

NOTE: Items that contain data will be shredded/destroyed for your protection.  We always recommend deleting all information before placing any item out there from recycling, with us or any other recycling company.  This is for your protection. 

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