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IT Data Destruction

Hard Drives - Off site shredding and on site shredding (fees)

Solid State Hard Drives - Off site shredding.

IT Media, such as data tapes - Off site shredding. 

Flash Media - Off site shredding. 

For data storage devices, such as disk drives and tapes, the process of destroying the information they hold is sometimes referred to as Sanitization. For some IT departments this means having the tape wiped or degauss of used media.  As storage media devices, so does the ongoing debate over the security of these actions alone, and this is why so many companies are turning to the physical destruction of the media itself as the answer. 

Your companies data is valuable and the disposal of this asset shouldn't be left to chance.  Cal Ewaste was one of the first hard drive shredding companies in California, since 2005, to take on projects for IT destruction.  

Cal Ewaste ensures all media and the data it holds is destroyed in accordance with EPA, Cal Recycle and DTSC standard practices, based on the appropriated destruction method for material type. 

When your media data cartridges, hard drive is received, we first serialize the information from the device, then we place it through the degaussing process which them after it is shredded.